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Best-selling author, Bruce Canfield, brings you U.S. Bolt Action Military Rifles! Over 700 detailed photographs AND full collector notes and valuable serial number tables. This book covers all the U.S. Military Bolt Action rifles, carbines and sniper rifles. It's HUGE! Included you'll find everything from the Civil War through the Indian Wars, Korea and beyond! So whether you are into the Hotchkiss, Krags, '03 Springfields, the Lee Navy, Mosin-Nagants or Winchester Model 70s, this book is for you! Rifles & Carbines Covered ~ Civil War Palmer & Greene ~ Ward-Burton ~ Hotchkiss Rifles & Carbines ~ Remington-Keene ~ Chaffee-Reece ~ Remington-Lee ~ Krag Rifles & Carbines ~ Lee Navy ~ Model 1903 Springfield ~ Model 1917 Enfield ~ Mosin-Nagant ~ Mark II Ross ~ Model 1907-15 Berthier ~ Winchester Model 70 ~ Remington Model 720 ~ Remington Model 700/M40 ~ Scoped Sniper Variations ~ and much, much, more! Also including bayonets, slings, web equipment, manuals, on, scopes, trench periscopes and other accessories!


Top: First Model Hotchkiss combination safety/magazine cutoff knob. This feature proved to be one of the weak points of the First Model's design.

Bottom: Typical barrel markings found on First Model Hotchkiss rifles and carbines.

Knurled bolt handle on the M40 Sniper.
Credit: Mike Lau
Various Krag Constabulary Carbine models and accessories.
The M1879 Remington-Lee Navy rifle.

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