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A Collector's Guide to the '03 SpringfieldYour ultimate guide to the military '03 Springfield! Three times as large as the author's previous best selling book on this topic. Covers all models, all manufacturers and all conflicts, including WWI, WWII and beyond. Heavily illustrated with professional photography showing the details that separate a great collectible rifle from the rest. Serial number tables, combat photos, sniper rifles and more! Countless photos, 240 pages, 8.5" x 11", Hardcover, only $49.95


Photo Pfc. Edward J. Foley of the 143rd Infantry, 36th Division, cleaning his M1903A4 sniper rifle before moving out to the front lines near Velletri, Italy, May 29, 1944. It is interesting to note that even at this late date in the war, most of the soldiers shown in this photo are armed with M1903 rifles. (National Archives)

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